11SEPTEMBER2014 JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun Says JYJ is More Than Family, Friends Or Brothers

The JYJ members attended a press conference in Taiwan for its Asia tour.

C-JeS Entertainment stated on September 11, “JYJ met with the reporters prior to the concert in Taiwan to introduce the album. During the press conference, JYJ shared on visiting Taiwan in three years, stories behind the Asia tour and the meaning of the new album.”

Park Yoo Chun said, “We released a full length album after three years and it has been a while since we came to Taiwan but I feel happy. We supported each other as we carried out the Asia tour and I’ve been enjoying every single concert. The three of us are so precious to one another to the point that words like family, friends or brothers are not good enough.”

Kim Junsu shared, “I feel good every time I visit this city. I recently let go of ‘Dracula,’ which I spent the past 3-4 months doing and it was a project that allowed me to learn many things and was a meaningful time.”

Kim Jae Joong said, “The secret behind taking care of our bodies for the Asia tour is the three of us. We prepare happily before we perform on stage. Since Taiwan is the place that has the best conditions for performances, I am anticipating tonight’s concert.”

The press conference was attended by reporters from over 50 media outlets, including MTV, newspapers, entertainment television programs and more.

Credit: Mwave
Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment
Shared by: JYJ☆USA