[PRESS PICS] 171109 Naver TV “Photo People” Press Conference – Kim Jaejoong

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? ? ? +++ Credits: As tagged Shared by: JYJ3

[INSTAGRAM] 171107 Kim Jaejoong IG Update: Selfies + Halloween Costume

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JYJ3’s Note: This post was shared & quickly deleted by Jaejoong [TRANS] People tell me it’s just so grotesque so I deleted right away … [PHOTO] 역시 징그럽대서 지움!ㅎ https://www.instagram.com/p/BbMQRT0BDtw/…

[NEWS] 171103 7 Million+ flock to see Kim Jaejoong LIVE! He is still very hot in China

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Source: OSEN via Naver Translated by: @crystalmoon0213 Shared by: JYJ3 … More Korean Headlines: Kim Jaejoong still hot in China, record 7 million saw him LIVE in Weibo program “Raise Your…

[REVIEW/TRANS] 171027 Kim Jaejoong’s Performance at 2017 TV Asahi Dream Festival

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JYJ3’s Note: This is a review by a non-fan who attended 2017 TV Asahi Dream Festival Day 1 (Source: Spice Article, written by @zamax69) Source: Spice by @zamax69 Translated by: @allalone86jj…

[VIDEO] 171029 Kim Jaejoong appeared in MBC Human Documentary “People Is Good” About “The One”

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JYJ3’s Note: The One (Jung Soon Won) is a South Korean veteran R&B / pop singer, songwriter, and producer. He was most famous for being the vocalist of group Space A…

[VIDEO] 171027 Kim Jaejoong’s VCR Support Message For New C-pop Group Team Spark

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Credit: 赵昕航资源博 weibo via veronicha __ Shared by: JYJ3

[INFO/PICS] 171024 Kim Jaejoong appeared in Naver’s “The Photographer” Promo for TIFFCOM 2017 Japan

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TIFFCOM 2017 About TIFFCOM is a multi-content market for film, TV, animation, publishing and other media. The 14th TIFFCOM is held at Sunshine City, a multifunctional urban complex featuring exhibition…

[VID/PICS/SNS] 171026 CJeS Naver: Behind The Scene of Kim Jaejoong’s Pictorial for Cosmopolitan Korea

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Handsomeness is given, dangerously charming & sexy Kim Jaejoong (Love for his fans? A bonus) <CJeS Naver Post> . VIDEO Cosmopolitan Behind the Scenes Kim Jaejoong eats squid filled…

[INFO/SNS] 171026 FanSigning Event at Kim Jaejoong’s Fanmeeting in Seoul

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CJeS Instagram Update: [PHOTOS] 네에? 팬미팅날, 공연장에서 #김재중 #사인회요? 여러분 #실화입니다 지금 당장 멜론티켓으로 GOGO 멜론티켓>https://goo.gl/Gsh93e #김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #10월29일 #팬미팅당일 #경희대학교 #평화의전당 #사인회개최 #김재중이쏜다 #분장부스 이어서 #사인회까지 #아낌없는 #팬서비스…

[INFO/NEWS] 171026 Kim Jaejoong’s Official Japanese FanClub “JAEFANS” will be opened on December 1st, 2017

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Official Site: http://jaefans.com Jaefans is… The things Jaejoong think, The things Jaejoong wants/try to do, It’s a site where fans and Jaejoong make a wonderful world together. … Official Members…

[COMPILATION] 171026 Kim Jaejoong in 2017 TV Asahi Dream Festival

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Flower Wreaths & Bouquets (Photo Credits: @Kkorepo 1, 2 + @Daisuke_Atsuro + @Gtomohi + @LoveJJMore) JJ fans have the lighsticks. Generations fans have the flags~ (Via: @rubypurple_fan) The arena was beautiful when it was lit…

[PICS/SNS] 171026 2017 TV Asahi Dream Festival: Backstage + Kim Jaejoong with Generations from Exile Tribe & Go-Chan

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CJeS Instagram Update; [PHOTOS] 다들 준비 됐나요♥재중이의 대기실 모습 포착! 곧 tv아사히 드림페스티벌에서 만나요! みんな準備はいい♥ジェジュンの楽屋姿をキャッチ! もうすぐテレビ朝日ドーリムフェスティバルで会いましょう! #김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #2017년 #tv아사히 #드림페스티벌 #아사히드페 #사이타마 #슈퍼아레나 #팬여러분들_많이_기다리셨죠 #대기실 #포착 #오늘도_여전한_잘생김 #곧만나요…

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