19AUG2015 [HQ SCANS] Park Yuchun for Marie Claire Korea, September 2015 Issue

Source: Marie Claire Korea Shared by JYJ☆USA Advertisements


18AUG2015 [PANN] Korean Netizens praised Pictures of Jaejoong in military

  Pann: The second military representative?! 1. [+50, -1] A non-fan took this picture and his face looks daebak 2. [+42, -0] He was #1 at training and went up to the stage… Continue reading


18 Aug 2015 [NEWS] JYJ fan exposition opens for its 4th time this year…over 3000 people expected to enter the country

  JYJ fan exposition opens for its 4th time this year…over 3000 people expected to enter the country, held in the form of a photo exhibition! Favorably occurs one after another as a… Continue reading


18AUG2015 [PRESS PICS] Kim Junsu at Incheon Airport, heading to Hawaii

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[PICS] Kim Jaejoong featured in “韓国TVドラマ (Korea TV Drama)” Magazine Vol. 68 – Sept. issue

Credits: okke126 + nikoruchan126 Shared by: JYJ3 Reposted by JYJ☆USA Advertisements


05August2015 [TRANS] Park Yuchun featured in Women’s Weekly (Shukan Josei/週刊女性)

“Haemoo” co-star Kim Yun Seok praised Yuchun saying: “Yuchun is like a sponge, his ability to adapt is very outstanding. I don’t quite understand his past, but he’s definitely not a weak guy who… Continue reading


01August2015 [VIDEOS + TRANS] Yuchun FM in Nagoya (Day 2) – JYJ during BBQ, Reunion Day Story, YC’s fantasy (2015.07.12)

What is JYJ in charge of during BBQ MC: Do you (have the occasion) to do BBQ? YC: I do (BBQ) a lot. MC: oh you do a lot. then Yoochun-san (T/N: honorific)…


[TWITTER] 150705 Kim Junsu Twitter Updates: About Cyberbullies

Originally posted on JYJ3:
JYJ3’s Note: E-mail webmaster@cjesculture.com Source: @1215thexiahtic Translated by: @theyoungestmin Shared by: JYJ3 . ATTENTION! Related to some users from “DC Musical & Theatre Gallery” spreading rumors (Toscana, etc.) about Kim Junsu: Source: @ohmyjunsu…


17June2015 [NEWS] If all 3 of JYJ get discharged, is it possible for them to appear on a broadcast?

Will active-duty-dols (T/N: idols who’ll serve their military service) JYJ be able to make a comeback on a broadcasting stage? On the first day of June, news of JYJ member Park Yuchun’s enlistment… Continue reading


02June2015 [HQ PICS] Park Yuchun 2015 Housewarming Party Epi 2 (Day 1 & 2) by ladyM

Credit: ladyM Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC


01JUNE2015 [HQ PICS] 2015 Park Yuchun Fanmeeting Housewarming party Epi 2 by BlessinYuchun Mamoru

                                                                                            Credit pictures as  tagged Via:  Naver Shared by JYJ☆USA   Advertisements


31MAY2015 [TWITTER] Kim Junsu Twitter Update 3: Xiaky & Hoky

  [TRANS] Our great actor Xiaky-nim is taking a break after a shooting..ㅋㅋ He works so hard…ㅎㅎ *’-nim’ is honorific title* * * * [TRANS] Hoky-nim is also sleeping with Xiaky-nim..ㅋ *’-nim’ is honorific title*… Continue reading

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