[PICS] Kim Jaejoong featured in “韓国TVドラマ (Korea TV Drama)” Magazine Vol. 68 – Sept. issue

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05August2015 [TRANS] Park Yuchun featured in Women’s Weekly (Shukan Josei/週刊女性)

“Haemoo” co-star Kim Yun Seok praised Yuchun saying: “Yuchun is like a sponge, his ability to adapt is very outstanding. I don’t quite understand his past, but he’s definitely not a weak guy who… Continue reading

01August2015 [VIDEOS + TRANS] Yuchun FM in Nagoya (Day 2) – JYJ during BBQ, Reunion Day Story, YC’s fantasy (2015.07.12)

What is JYJ in charge of during BBQ MC: Do you (have the occasion) to do BBQ? YC: I do (BBQ) a lot. MC: oh you do a lot. then Yoochun-san (T/N: honorific)…

[TWITTER] 150705 Kim Junsu Twitter Updates: About Cyberbullies

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JYJ3’s Note: E-mail webmaster@cjesculture.com Source: @1215thexiahtic Translated by: @theyoungestmin Shared by: JYJ3 . ATTENTION! Related to some users from “DC Musical & Theatre Gallery” spreading rumors (Toscana, etc.) about Kim Junsu: Source: @ohmyjunsu…

17June2015 [NEWS] If all 3 of JYJ get discharged, is it possible for them to appear on a broadcast?

Will active-duty-dols (T/N: idols who’ll serve their military service) JYJ be able to make a comeback on a broadcasting stage? On the first day of June, news of JYJ member Park Yuchun’s enlistment… Continue reading

02June2015 [HQ PICS] Park Yuchun 2015 Housewarming Party Epi 2 (Day 1 & 2) by ladyM

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01JUNE2015 [HQ PICS] 2015 Park Yuchun Fanmeeting Housewarming party Epi 2 by BlessinYuchun Mamoru

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31MAY2015 [TWITTER] Kim Junsu Twitter Update 3: Xiaky & Hoky

  [TRANS] Our great actor Xiaky-nim is taking a break after a shooting..ㅋㅋ He works so hard…ㅎㅎ *’-nim’ is honorific title* * * * [TRANS] Hoky-nim is also sleeping with Xiaky-nim..ㅋ *’-nim’ is honorific title*… Continue reading

[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 150531 2015 Park Yuchun Fanmeeting Housewarming party Epi 2 (Day 2)

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Lookkaew_SK: Day-2 In~ ^^ Jen_BabyLove: Today’s message paper is yellow Y_S_H_I: Lights out! Here we go… Y_S_H_I: Video… Jen_BabyLove: MC Same as yesterday Y_S_H_I: Bb’s out!!! Wearing red long…

30May2015 [HQ PICS] Park Yuchun 2015 Housewarming Party Epi 2 Fanmeeting (Day 1)

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29MAY2015 [OTHER INSTAGRAM] Designer brand Booth Official Update: #KimJaeJoong

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[HQ SCANS] XIA Junsu’s 3rd album FLOWER Special Edition

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