23AUG2015 [NEWS] 150820 At the ‘scene of a midsummer night’s guerrilla date’ with Park Yuchun


Guerrilla Date with Park Yuchun

Singer-cum-actor Park Yuchun at present at a guerrilla date held at Mecenatpolis main square in Seogyo-dong, Seoul on August 20. On this day the progression of Park Yuchun’s guerrilla date had Cultwo’s Jung Chan-woo and Kim Tae-gyun and Song Eun-yi gracing the occasion together with him. Jung Chan-woo and Kim Tae-gyun appeared with Park Yuchun in SBS Wed-Thur drama ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’; and share a bond. They showed off their loyalty by being together with him at his last guerrilla date before his enlistment.

Guerrilla Date with Park Yuchun 2

On this day Park Yuchun turned out for an appearance around 10 PM. In a short time, a lot of fans and citizens gathered and had welcomed him with warm cheers, even late at night on a weekday. fn star found the scene of the guerrilla date on a midsummer evening with Park Yuchun, ahead of joining the army on August 27. The scene of the guerrilla date for Park Yuchun who is going to fulfill his military duty and leave his fans’ side for the time being, let’s check it out together!

Guerrilla Date with Park Yuchun 3

On this day at Mecenatpolis main square, staff members moved busily from 8:30 PM. Completing the setup for the Jimmy Jib [T/N: camera crane] and lighting, fans and citizens gathered in the main square. When Park Yuchun, Cultwo’s Jung Chan-woo and Kim Tae-gyun, and Song Eun-yi appeared at the end of waiting for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, fans welcomed the four people with warm cheers.

Surrounded in a warm crowd, the four people had surprised looks and began the guerrilla date with expressions of being deeply moved. Jung Chun-woo exclaimed, “I love you, PARK.YU.CHUN” and liven up the atmosphere.

Guerrilla Date with Park Yuchun 4

The MCs had selected the lucky heroines and hero to have a date with Park Yuchun. From a fan in her teens, to an overseas fan who came from Thailand, and up to a male fan; they created unforgettable memories with Park Yuchun.

The lucky heroines and hero showed affections to their hearts’ contents toward Park Yuchun; i.e. a Park Yuchun acrostic poem including three things of why they like Park Yuchun. Meeting his fans from up close than he has ever, Park Yuchun spent time like a dream of a midsummer evening with a big smile from start to end.

Guerrilla Date with Park Yuchun 5

What are the reasons why they like Park Yuchun? His very broad shoulders! Collarbones! And the one thing is?

When they succeed in ‘Park Yuchun acrostic poem’, Park Yuchun’s ‘superb fanservice’ continues. Getting enfolded in smoking hot Park Yuchun’s arms straight away! Park Yuchun’s ‘hug time’, there followed a hug time where one can enjoy only receiving Park Yuchun’s choice(?); and citizens who watched this, shouted outcries of immense envy.

Guerrilla Date with Park Yuchun 6

Guerrilla Date with Park Yuchun 7

Oh my! A male fan has made an appearance at this time. If there are men, it’s a strength competition immediately! Park Yuchun and a male fan clasped their right hands and launched in a strength competition on this day. A match without even giving an inch! “Make him lose! Make him lose!” Did his strength melt away at the sound of fans’ shouts? Or did he demonstrate an unyielding man’s pride till the end?

Guerrilla Date with Park Yuchun 8 Guerrilla Date with Park Yuchun 9

Although it was a short date that was conducted for about 20 minutes, Park Yuchun and fans had a jubilant time than anyone on the one midsummer evening of August. Now that Park Yuchun is leaving for training camp soon to honor his military duty, fn star shall be cheering for him to come back healthier and with a more striking image!

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