18 Aug 2015 [NEWS] JYJ fan exposition opens for its 4th time this year…over 3000 people expected to enter the country


JYJ fan exposition opens for its 4th time this year…over 3000 people expected to enter the country, held in the form of a photo exhibition! Favorably occurs one after another as a fan event for fans1 JYJ

Group JYJ’s fan exposition kicked off its 4th time.

C-JeS Entertainment reported like this, “JYJ had opened a photo exhibition as part of their fan exposition ‘2015 JYJ Membership Week’ at Seoul Art Museum in Buam-dong, Seoul on August 17”.

There have been domestic and overseas fans’s explosive responses extended at the exhibit filled with the undisclosed photos revealed, with photos including JYJ’s history from the moment of their birth up to now and more.2 JYJ 3 JYJ 4 JYJ

JYJ Membership Week has been going on since 2012 and was arranged in the form of a photo exhibition this year.

The photo exhibition this time was put on display for a total of 2 weeks and unfolded under the theme ‘Time is… will have to keep going on’.

In particular they added significance by having arranged a meaningful space to support cultural artists through a charity auction among the photos put on display at the photo exhibition this year.5 JYJ 6 JYJ

Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu also viewed the photos filled with the precious times that the JYJ members were with fans in the past, and were overcome by memories; when they visited the photo exhibition to welcome its opening.

Park Yuchun expressed his thoughts, “We put the time we were together into photos so it reminds us of the past memories,” and, “We are more glad to be able to take part in a good cause to support cultural artists through a charity auction this year”.

In addition, Kim Junsu said his greeting, “It is very nice that there are so many photos popping up and bring up memories and all that were forgotten. I hope it will be a time that all our fans share memories together with us when I was viewing the photos with them too”.

Their other member Kim Jaejoong is in the middle of his military service currently.7 JYJ 8 JYJ

All the while, JYJ Membership Week had set the record for the most entries of those domestically and from overseas where 7,024 people in a single event back when it was first held, and gathered attention in involving over 20,000 fans consecutively for 3 years. It is expected to gather a lot of domestic and overseas fans this year again.

It is predicted that there’ll be even Japanese fans out of the over 3,000 people visiting Korea despite the number of overseas tourists having declined sharply with the aftermath of MERS, foreign exchange rate, and etc.

2015 JYJ Membership Week photo exhibition that’s sponsored by the Korea Tourism Organization can be seen at Seoul Art Museum located in Buam-dong for 2 weeks, up to August 30.9 JYJ 10 JYJ

Sources: Sports Khan + Wow TV
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