05August2015 [TRANS] Park Yuchun featured in Women’s Weekly (Shukan Josei/週刊女性)

1 Yuchun

“Haemoo” co-star Kim Yun Seok praised Yuchun saying: “Yuchun is like a sponge, his ability to adapt is very outstanding. I don’t quite understand his past, but he’s definitely not a weak guy who grew up sheltered. That’s why his ability to absorb is very good. His attitude in acting is excellent. In the future, as an actor, he should be able to go all the way and at the same time, grow more.

“Three Days” director Shin Kyung Soo: “Park Yuchun’s ability to do action drama is very high. He can instantly understand the situation of the character and his acting has an explosive force. His performance in terms of the character’s emotional part is also very good. When the TV drama started, his acting on the part where Tae Kyung suppressed his feelings of anxiety and there were tears in his eyes was very good.”

“Haemoo” Kim Sang Ho: “Yuchun already knows how not to overdo and exert too much when acting. Normally, it would take 10 years for other people to grasp this idea. He’s really an intelligent actor.”

“Sungkyunkwan Scandal” Kim Kap Soo sunbaenim: “ Before, I’ve known Park Yuchun as a singer only, but his acting is very natural, unlike the other juniors. Yuchun’s character is very good, very honest and respectful.”

“Rooftop Prince” Jung Suk Won: “The feeling of Park Yuchun’s acting is very good. During filming, we had a lot of on-the-spot acting. The comedy scenes became lively and fun because of Yuchun. Also, while shooting, an unfortunate thing happened but he totally didn’t let anyone feel these things, making me feel that Yuchun has a strong sense of responsibility.”

“Rooftop Prince” director Shin Yoon Sub: “Park Yuchun has the necessary talent and ability of an actor. Very sensible and his expressions are full of charm… and even as a man, I’d also get attracted. That’s why now I understand the reason why he is loved by women.”

“Miss Ripley” Lee Da Hae: “Park Yuchun is baby-faced, but he also has a very mature side. He would even respond to my jokes seriously and there were times when he would even say some bad jokes. A very interesting person. At the filming site, he’s like a mascot.”

2 Yuchun

“Probably, among the roles that I have played until now, Mugak is the one that is closest to my usual self. But it’s not because of this that made it easier for me to act. Can I act it out well or not? The uneasiness I felt before the shooting started was more than the anticipation. Most of his feelings were numb, that’s why he also doesn’t have a “heart that feels”. When he eats something good, he won’t have the feeling of happiness.”

“The reason why Mugak’s character became like this, I feel it’s because after the death of his beloved sister, he created it out just to overcome his grief. That’s why he’s even more pitiful. Having to portray all these was very hard, that’s why I was very worried. It’s not just with no feelings, I also have to show Mugak’s grief.”

“Because after losing his beloved sister, Mugak’s inner (emotional) wound continued to become his conscious existence. But it’s really very difficult to act it out! The moment when one feels pain, not only the expression, but also the body will have a reaction too. But to act it out and pretend as if it’s not painful is really hard compared to what I thought. I have thought about it a lot on how to let viewers feel that this kind of unusual character who doesn’t feel pain was natural.”

Interviewer: Then, are you sensitive to pain? Yuchun: I’m scared of pain! But everyone doesn’t like pain, right? (laugh) Also, Mugak has a huge appetite, that’s why when we have to shoot a scene where I have to eat a lot, I really want to die. (laugh) I feel that food has a certain time frame to be considered delicious. But while shooting, I don’t worry about that.”

3 Yuchun

“Honestly, I feel that my acting still lacks a lot. Based on the Japanese age, I’m already 29 years old. I feel that acting officially starts after the age of 30. Specifically, after filming the TV drama and the movie “Lucid Dream”, I feel that if I don’t seriously think about acting, it would be very dangerous. Up until now, there were a lot of parts where I would slack off while performing. But in the future, I have to seriously think about it.”

“Acting is profound. You can’t just use a simple mindset and act. Also, acting with the thought of just satisfying oneself will also not work. That’s why I feel I still have a lot to learn.”

4 Yuchun

“This time when coming to Japan, at the airport and also at the places I went, there were a lot of fans waiting for me. I’m really happy. Because of my 2 –year military service, we cannot see each other. Thus, it will more difficult for all of us. Please be sure to take care of yourselves, I will work hard and I’ll look forward to the day when we can meet again and do activities in Japan.”

source: 朴有天吧官方微博
Japanese – Chinese translations by: 小荷
Chinese – English translations by: ParkYoochunSGFC


5 Yuchun

“10 years ago during my debut, originally, my personality was relatively quiet, more like an introvert. I don’t talk much, that’s why the staffs at the TV station often misunderstood me as being arrogant because I became famous. So I consciously changed my personality to become more cheerful and I try to talk more. That’s why right now, when I’m with everyone, I would unconsciously drink a lot.”

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