27May2015 [NEWS/TRANS] Park Yuchun’s ‘Baeksang’ red carpet video records the most retweets

27May2015 [NEWS/TRANS] Park Yuchun’s ‘Baeksang’ red carpet video records the most retweets

Sources: Top Star News + The Kyunghyang Shinmun
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#백상예술대상 #JYJ #박유천 #나영석 / #BaeksangArtsAwards #JYJ #ParkYuchun

The 51st Baeksang Arts Awards held in the evening of May 26 ended on a high note.

Twitter Korea installed Twitter’s Vine’s 360° booth to let a lot of people enjoy the awards ceremony with the sense of realism more/ more realistically. The red carpet location’s vivid imagery was broadcasted live for Twitter users all around the world in real-time through the Baeksang Arts Awards(@isplus)’ official hashtag #백상레드카펫360(#BaeksangRedCarpet360).

The leading person with the most retweeted video of #백상레드카펫360 was actor Park Yuchun. Also, he was the one with the most-retweets record out of the participants at the event on this day.

Park Yuchun had recorded, with the camera gun, a number of 2,678 retweets in the tweet that was managed by the sponsor of the 2015 Baeksang Arts Awards red carpet, currently [at the time of the article] in the afternoon of May 27. He…

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