21MAY2015 [ NEWS ] Park Yoochun To Hold His Drama Fan Meeting In Japan



Park Yoochun will hold ‘The Girl Who Sees The Smells’ fan meeting in Japan.

His agency C-Jes Entertainment said, “Park Yoochun will hold his drama fan meeting in Yokohama Arena on June 23 and 24. It’s already attracting lots of people’s attention since the drama will be broadcasted starting June 7 on KNTV”.

‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ is based on a web-comic and talks about a man who lost his sister in the ‘Bar Code Murder’ 3 years ago and a girl who survived from an accident. She lost her memories but gained a parasensory ability in return.

The drama has a tremendous popularity all around the world and once again proved Park Yoochun’s popularity since fans from diverse countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong supported him throughout the drama. Also, ‘The Girl Who See Smells’ was at the top of the Weibo Drama Hot Topic.

The staff said, “We can definitely say that Park Yoochun is the most influential Hallyu star in Japan since his popularity is growing day by day. The actor’s ‘Missing You’ fan meeting held last year had a huge popularity and the competition rate for the tickets was very high so we anticipate great interest and attention for the next fan meeting as well”.

Meanwhile, ‘The Girl Who Sees The Smells’ will air its last episode today and Park Yoochun will hold his fans meeting in Korea University Hwajung Gymnasium on May 30 and 31.

Credit:  BNT NEWS UK

Photo by C-Jes Entertainment

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