20May2015 [TRANS/NEWS] ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ ascend to No.1 in CPI…Proven as the ‘general drama’

Having recorded its own best rating last week, ‘TGWSS’ proved itself to be the general program time by rising to 1st place of the CPI.

According to the Contents Power Index(CPI) for the first week of May (May 4~10) announced by CJ E&M and ratings research firm Nielsen Korea, ‘TGWSS’ climbed up to 1st place, recording a CPI of 253.6 points. This is the ranking that rose it up one step compared to last week. Last April 14, it had continued its high streak with a rating of 9.5%(AGB Nielsen Korea, the national standard).TGWSS

This is not the first 1st place for the CPIs of ‘TGWSS’. Last April 1, ‘TGWSS’ had aired its first broadcast and has been established as the drama that’s receiving a lot of love from viewers while continually ranked in the upper rankings since possessing 1st place for the first week of April in a swoop. ‘TGWSS’ –rising as a thriller filled with sweet romance and suspense to be the drama that’s able to take the peak of the CPI once again– is interpreted to be the drama where viewers’ interests are directly reflected. With great hot popularity, ‘TGWSS’ has only 2 episodes remaining to go for its finale and is at the part where it’s expected to bring itself to a successful conclusion.

Source: Top Star News
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‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ scored a 253.6 on Contents Power Index (CPI)


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