19May2015 [TRANS] “Grab Hold of Park Yuchun” Unprecedented Wind of the Hallyu Wave at Cannes Film Market


Grab hold of Park Yuchun to attack the Asian movie market.

Through the movie, Haemoo (directed by Shim Sungbo), Park Yuchun swept newcomer awards in film festivals and the movie industry has a high interest towards Park Yuchun who had a powerful big screen debut. Yuchun’s power reaches beyond South Korea far into France, Europe.

In the midst of the 68th Cannes International Film Festival in full swing, there is a film which calls forth fierce competition amongst buyers in Asia to fight for the distribution rights of the movie and it is none other than ‘Lucid Dream’ (directed by Kim Junsung) which investment and distribution rights are undertaken by NEW’s subsidiary, Contents Panda.

‘Lucid Dream’ is a phenomenon whereby a person is aware that he/she is dreaming. Directed by rookie Director Kim Junsung, the movie ‘Lucid Dream’ is about Daeho (played by Go Soo) whose son was kidnapped 3 years ago and with help from an assistant in his dream, he is able to search for clues of the crime and that is how the story takes place.

The reason why ‘Lucid Dream’ is receiving attention is none other than Park Yuchun. As it is the next project of Park Yuchun who became well-known through his powerful screen debut through ‘Haemoo’, there are unceasing visits to Contents Panda’s booth at the Cannes Film Market. There are continuous inquiries about the purchase of distribution rights for the movie.

An official from Contents Panda told Newsen, “Of course, ‘Lucid Dream’ is receiving attention because of its fresh content about lucid dream but also because it’s the next project of Park Yuchun who is well-known across Asia. Although we are in the process of filming, there have been continuous inquiries about the movie especially when the news that Park Yuchun is casted was conveyed, we started receiving attention from Asian buyers. The content about lucid dream appeals to the European buyers while in Asia, the awareness of the name of Park Yuchun itself heightens the atmosphere. There is a significant difference in response before and after the casting of Park Yuchun was made known.”

North American and European buyers place an emphasis on South Korea’s distinctive movie material and specific genre. There is yet to be a huge tendency for those buyers to rely on the awareness of a Hallyu star’s name in Asia. In the midst of all these, there is an accumulation of expectations of where the winds of the Hallyu Wave will be blowing in the film industry where Park Yuchun is constructing a strong Hallyu foothold through his brisk activities.

Meanwhile, the movie with rising expectations, ‘Lucid Dream’ starring Park Yuchun, Go Soo, Sol Kyunggu, Kang Hyejung, Park Inhwan, Jeon Hojin and other A-list South Korean actors is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2015.

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