13MAY2015 [PIC + TRANS] #KimJaeJoong was featured in the evening edition of Japanese Newspaper “Yomiuri Shimbun”

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Kim Jaejoong is a triple threat – unique appearance, exciting performer, and good singing voice.

Despite being on a short trip to Japan, he accepted this interview. The atmosphere during the photo shoot and interview is light.

You can see that he cares about the people around him – whether it’s a staff, make up artist, photographer. He talks to everyone.

His face gives a variety of expressions – mysterious, cool, handsome – whether he is acting or singing.

JJ is strict when it comes to evaluating himself. He gives 100% in everything he do – be it singing or acting.

His eyes are very expressive. “During Triangle filming, I can express a lot of emotions with my eyes.”

“I can convey change of my feelings with eye movements, however subtle it is.” JJ on his ‘eye acting’

“Rather than body or hand gestures, I use my eyes to convey my emotions in acting.” – JJ

“I sometimes see people using the same hand or body gestures for diff emotions. I think eye acting can do a variety of things”

“I was watching a lot of JDramas when I was studying Japanese so thanks to them, I was able to study acting as well” – JJ

“I usually watch the entire series. I watched a lot of hit dramas and most of them are Kimutaku-san’s dramas.” JJ on Jdramas
[Note: Kimutaku = Kimura Takuya]

“I was heavily influenced by Japanese rock style of music.” – JJ

“I really appreciate everyone who supports me and to convey my thanks even if I’m in Korea, I am still studying Japanese now” JJ on Jfans

“I recently sold a lot of my personal belongings like my refrigerator and cars.” JJ did not put any special premium in the resale value.
We were shocked so we asked why he did that. His answer surprised us. – popstyle

“I want to stop being attached to material things. People became obsessed with things that will be unusable in time.Need to let go of those”

“Happiness to me is not defined by money or material things.People make me happy.So I wanted to continue to cherish my fans more than ever.”

Picture Credit: @shoukuntojj | Source: PopStyle via Yomiuri
Info & Translations Credit: @rubypurple_fan
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