11May2015 [NEWS/TRANS] Park Yuchun ‘solo fanmeeting’ sold out 9,000 seats in only 5 mins


Park Yuchun has confirmed his hot popularity through the sellout of tickets for his solo fanmeeting.

C-JeS Entertainment stated on May 11, “The ticket open for 2015 Park Yuchun <Housewarming party : Epi 2> that’ll be held at Korea University Hwajung Gymnasium on May 30 and 31, was conducted through Interpark at 8 PM today. ‘Park Yuchun Fanmeeting’, ‘Interpark’ and other search words show rising, hot responses in real-time on every online portal sites while swamped by traffic at the same time with the ticket reservations open; and the seating of a total of 9000 seats –4500 seats for each day– recorded a sellout in only 5 minutes”.

Continuing, “Amid his current popularity and due to the popularity of drama ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ that’s in the middle of airing, the responses toward these fanmeetings are hot as can be imaginable. We can get a sense of Park Yuchun’s top popularity domestically and abroad that’s still enormous as ever up to this year, following the last fanmeeting he held commemorating his birthday.

A ticket vendor representative said, “The response of overseas fans in Park Yuchun’s fanmeeting was especially hot. Not only were there the sudden increase in people with overseas IPs trying to gain access, but we’ve been flooded with ticket inquiries about the 2nd round sales from the overseas fans who were unsuccessful in ticketing, too”.

Source: IS Plus via Naver
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
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