08MAY2015 [PRESS PICS + TRANS] Quotes from Yuchun at “The Girl Who Sees Smells” Media Press Conference



  • This time, I am given many nicknames. I’m given various names through this drama. It feels great and I’m thankful.
  • I especially like it when people said, ‘It’s great if I have an oppa like that.
  • We filmed until yesterday but compared to other sets, this filming set was very enjoyable.
  • Even though we were tired, we continued smiling when filming despite it all. We filmed enjoyably.
  • What’s more, the relationship between sunbaenims and staffs are really good.
  • In most situations I try my best to make it fun. Only by reading the part of ‘Seoul’s Moon’ in the script, I knew I had to make it fun
  • Originally, the script uses only ‘Ehhh?’ but I thought it won’t be fun. So we changed it to ‘Chhuueee~~’ to make it more comical.
  • In funny scenes, we think ahead of how to make it funny. They weren’t just ad-libs.
  • I was burdened by ‘Seoul’s Moon’ gag but because ‘Chhuueee~~’ was so well-received, the pressure accentuated even more.
  • In TGWSS, this is the first time that I’m putting myself aside when filming the comical scenes. It’s an interesting experience
  • In TGWSS, among the action, mellow and comedic acting, I think comedic acting is the best fit for me
  • The fact that Kim Junsu is able to appear on music broadcasts recently and sing is something to be happy about.
  • These days, we don’t think about things like broadcast activities. There are many good things so we almost don’t think about legal matters
  • I think we should be more thankful if agencies and artistes are able to carry out activities in a better environment through the JYJ Bill
  • I feel very good now that we can express ourselves. We are actually working under a good environment with good staff, CEO and good people.
  • We have no worries now like before. We only have to worry about showing our best, doing fun activities.
  • I monitor the drama at home and I think Nam Goongmin’s acting is really suave. His gaze is really cool and I admire it.
  • To show viewers the lovely loveline with Chorim, we did it more naturally. Not that I did well, but the directing was handled well.3 4


  • Junsu got to appear on a music broadcast […] I’m thankful and send my congratulations to him
  • We are in a thankful position when many people, including us, can do good activities
  • Only in pattern, I am a detective.
  • I do monitoring at home. Namgoong Min’s acting is really cool. His ([Namgoong Min’s character]Jae-hee’s) eyes are really scary when they change. I want to do a role like that if I do acting next time
  • I want to try being a villain like Kwon Jae-hee (Namgoong Min) is in this drama
  • Namgoong Min-ssi has to act in scenes where he express the image of a murderer and his eyes turn red in the drama. I monitor those scenes. I have thought a lot about wanting to try acting like that where I am experiencing and acting extremely impressively

Sources: OSEN, Star MT, Asiae, OSEN, TV Daily etc. + SBS FB
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