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deathnote 2

There weren’t many works in each year during my 6 years however, but there have been step by step and I had welcomed my 6th work as Death Note before I knew it. And I first received 6 scripts every time at that; and that pounding [of my heart] and anxiety before I open them..pressure

deathnote 3

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deathnote 4

When I think of having to memorizing all of them again ㅋㅋ the feel when I face a new thing again, that much, causes throbs and shakes..be this the first time or now, it is always the same as ever.
There’s that burden yet I want to show getting over my anxiety.
No, I should have. Instead, I’ll believe in the actors opposite of me when the energy in my body is gone at that, the most!ㅎ

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