07MAY2015 [NEWS] Soldier Jaejoong finishes basic military training

JYJ‘s Jaejoong has finished his basic training in the military and he appears to be doing incredibly well!  He looks proud with his shoulders back and his eyes up front and a radiant smile on his face in newly released pictures.

His older brother-in-law posted pictures from the event, Jaejoong’s graduation from training, onto his Twitter on May 7 and wrote, “He really got more manly in a month.  His face even looks better now than before he went to the army?  You’ve worked hard getting training for a month.”

He sounds proud, as well, and what he said is certainly right!  Jaejoong looks healthy, confident, and happy, doesn’t he?  He’s practically radiant.  His sister also showed how proud and impressed she was by revealing via her Instagram that Jaejoong came out first place among 240 trainees, winning an award, and shared pictures of him pinning carnations onto his mother and father’s chests.

Now that he’s done training, Jaejoong will be serving at the 55th Division of the Bonghwa Troops and is expected to be discharged on December 30, 2016.

  Credit:  Allkpop

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