[NEWS] ‘Girl Who Sees Smell’ Park Yoo-Cheon, grabs women’s hearts with ‘real boyfriend look’!


Actor Park Yoo-Cheon grabbed women’s hearts with ‘real boyfriend look’.
His agency C-Jes Entertainment announced on May 3rd, “Park Yoo-Cheon is showing various fashion in every episode of SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Girl Who Sees Smell’ with ‘real boyfriend look’. He grabbed women’s hearts with active and refined look that works with both investigation and romance drama.”
Park Yoo-Cheon took the role of detective Choi Moo-Gak, who is tracking down the murderer of ‘Bar Code’ murder case. While he takes with suspense action scene, he also grabs women’s heart with showing 100% love to his girlfriend, and his fashion with both charisma and romance draws women’s eyes.
About this, Park Yoo-Cheon’s stylist said, “We focused on his charm in both investigation and romance. As men have less items than women, he showed detective’s active image with layered coat, hood and T-shirts, and added color to show warm boyfriend’s attraction. We also matched vintage sneakers to give comfortable and active impression.”

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