[NEWS] 150505 Kim Jaejoong’s side “Reunion with family at completion ceremony…Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu’s attendance TBD”


JYJ Kim Jaejoong will have a reunion with his family, one month after enlisting.

An official from his agency C-JeS Entertainment had said to dongA.com on May 5, “Kim Jaejoong is finishing his basic military training this week and will have his completion ceremony,” and, “At his completion ceremony, family and company officials are planning to attend.”

Continuing, on the matter about whether the other members of JYJ will attend, even though, “their schedules have not been confirmed yet,” it was added, “It looks like it’ll be difficult for the three members to gather together at the present time, as they have separate schedules.”

Upon entering through his recruit training battalion the First Division of Paju, Gyeonggi Province on March 31, Kim Jaejoong has his completion ceremony up ahead; since entering after 5 weeks of boot camp life currently.

Following this, he will receive his placement into a unit and start his full-fledged army life, after his completion ceremony ends. About his re-assignment, it is still unknown. The official said, “He won’t be informed about the result of his placement into a unit, until a [more] recent date.”

Source: Sports Donga
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[NEWS] JYJ Jaejoong’s Family to Attend Army Training Completion Ceremony; Junsu and Yoochun Not Yet Confirmed via Soompi

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