27APRIL2015 [OTHER TWITTER] Kim Suk Jin shares the recent letter from Jaejoong


[TRANS] Trainee JJ’s reply that arrived in only ten days~❤️ He’s always so worried about our parents^^
I’d like it if time could have gone by double, triple as quick for me to visit him often. I really want to see our very precious youngest fast.



JJ, the little brother

Kim Anna[T/N: Suk Jin], look at it~

Anna nuna who I love~!

I’m doing good; well~ we are doing well when there’s something to do!!
More than anything … father, mom … I’m worried about your health the most. I think you should go on a diet or even exercise~ I’ll keep telling you annoyingly and continuously in the future^^

As I’m writing now here I must go to start the roll call now~ Nuna, stay healthy~ and earn a lot of money, too
Little brother Jaejoongie who cherishes Anna~

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