[TRANS] 150424 Jaejoong’s second letter to his family

[TRANS] 150424 Jaejoong’s second letter to his family

Sources: @yys0602 + @kkjj4
Translated by: @inheaven_wjyj(1,2)
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How are you doing? How’s your health? I am doing very well. I work out a lot and eat good meals regularly. Now that I am getting used to living here I am keeping regular hours…

2015.4.16 From thirty-something years old son Jaejoong who’s adjusting well –


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So I guess I’ll only get to see my family at the Completion Ceremony? I’ll bravely and diligently finish my training, and although your son is already in his 30s, I will show you that I’ve become more manly man…[I understand that you must be worried (T/N: liberal trans since I can’t read his whole sentence)] but don’t worry~ Your son is stronger that you think~ I am strong in mind and body so Father and Mom, please take care of your health, eat healthy and exercise (T/N: rest of the words cut off in the picture) Your son…

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