[TRANS] ‘Behind Story’ of Jaejoong’s Interview for Triangle DVD


 ① Jaejoong-ssi agreed to do the interview when he was very busy with his events. Even the staff felt pressured (worried) because of the limited amount of time. But the moment Jaejoong-ssi came into the interview location, the atmosphere calmed down at once thanks to Jaejoong-ssi’s friendly personality and gentle aura.

② Photoshoot – while striking various poses, Jaejoong-ssi also told jokes and he also did some cute poses, which made the cameraman and the staff laugh. From start to finish, our shooting set was full of laughter^^

③ We conducted the interview in Japanese. The reporter, who interviewed Jaejoong-ssi for the first time, was quite amazed by Jaejoong-ssi’s excellent Japanese and impressed with his great personality^^

④ Jaejoong-ssi’s attitude was very impressive! He immediately asked when there was some Japanese word that he didn’t know. He wasn’t ashamed of what he didn’t know. Very honest and upright. I think this humble attitude of him must remain in the mind of the cast and the staff who have worked with him^^

⑤ After the interview, Jaejoong-ssi was curious about the reactions to Youngdal’s transformation (into Dongcheol). [Does it looks natural?] [Don’t you think it’s too sudden?] It was a very important part of the drama, so he was concerned about how it came out. That’s the moment we could see his actor soul.

⑥ Jaejoong-ssi really liked the cake the reporter prepared for him. He naturally handed over the cake to the staff members around him [Would you eat with me?]. Despite being a big star, his kindness made all the staff deeply impressed^^

Source:  Triangle DVD 123456

Korean Translation:  Spica4865

English Translation: The_Little_Pear

Shared by: PrinceJJ


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