[OTHER SNS] 150405 Kim Jaejoong’s Sister Shares Photos of Uncle JJ’s Presents for his Nieces & Nephew

[PHOTO] 전진!

[TRANS] Forward!
Uncle~~Become a great soldier

* * *

JYJ3 Note: Despite his busy schedule Jaejoong prepared these presents for his beloved nieces, they arrived recently:

[PHOTOS] 조카바보삼촌
군대가기전 이쁜옷 사주고싶다던~~
예쁜옷감사 항상 건이.서현이.현아
보고싶다 http://Www.suhyangmall.com

[TRANS] ‘Fool for his nieces’ uncle
Wanting to buy pretty clothes before you went to the army~~
We had received it today~~after you entered the army
Thanks for the pretty clothes, always, for Gunnie.Seohyunnie.Hyuna
They are so pretty and to Jaejoongie who loves us,
We miss you1 2

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