06MARCH2015 [TRANS] A Letter from older sister of Jaejoong’s fellow soldier



Note: Excerpted a letter from older sister of Jaejoong’s fellow soldier.

Older Sister’s Biased Advice:

“I received your letter haha. It was extremely funny, but you have one thing you misunderstand. 

Not that I moved forward to see Jaejoong, but I walked that way to look at you more closely and he came towards me.

Also, when you saluted at mom and dad, I clearly looked at you. 
My camera pointed him by itself though…

See, people have to be good to others to be blessed.
You also keep in mind ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves’ in your life.
I was just moving forward to see you, and that happened to me.”

Source: KJJ DC Gall
Translated by: @Jaetaku
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