06APRIL2015 [OTHER TWITTER] Kim Suk Jin gives an update about Jaejoong’s condition #WaitingForJaejoong


[1st TRANS] Finally Jaejoongie’s plain [/civilian] clothes that he wore when he entered training, has arrived; and inside the box are the clothes that Jaejoongie wore and the envelope that says he loves his parents. Tears are coming out again. Fortunately he got a clean bill of health, so I feel assured. Meanwhile my little brother is really cool for preparing clothes and all for his pretty nieces in advance. Onward with your good[/healthy] shape.

Sources: @kkjj4
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
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JYJ3’s Note: About Training Center or Boot Camp (For 5 weeks):
The recruits’ personal items – usually the clothes in which they come into the boot camp – are packed up and sent back to their parents. It is the quintessential Korean mother’s experience to cry over her son’s dusty clothes mailed back to her after she sent her son away for his military service. (via askakorean)

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