06APRIL2015 [NEWS] Kim Junsu appearing as ‘L’, one of 5 characters in musical ‘Death Note’


JYJ’s Kim Junsu will make his shocking appearance in a musical based on Japanese manga ‘Death Note’ that’s catching popularity around the world.

Kim Junsu will be undertaking the role of ‘L’ who fights a head-to-head match with the protagonist Light Yagami in musical ‘Death Note’. Light Yagami will be played by musical actor Hong Kwang-ho.

The role of ‘Misa’ who loves Light Yagami will be undertaken by musical actress Jung Sun-ah and female reaper* ‘Rem’ by Park Hyena. Kang Hong-seok was casted for the role of male reaper* ‘Ryuk’ who leads the play.
[T/N: literal term in Japanese is a ‘Shinigami’/death god]

The musical ‘Death Note’ has its production undertaken by large performance production company-cum-management company Horipro, the directing by Japan’s representative director Kuriyama Tamiya; the music by famous composer –with musicals ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, ‘Rudolf’ & etc.– Frank Wildhorn.

Continuing after its Japanese performances from April~May, it is raising its curtain on stage at Seongnam Arts Center from June 20 to August~September.

The manga ‘Death Note’ portrays the story written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrations drawn by Takeshi Obata; and tells the story about a high school student named Light Yagami who happens to come across a ‘Death Note’ that will kills people if their names are written down by him. The manga attracted a lot of attention when it got its own animation, and was also produced into multiple [live-action] movies.

There will be 5 main characters for musical ‘Death Note’.

JS 1

‘L’ – Kim Junsu


‘Light Yagami’ – Hong Kwang-ho

‘Light Yagami’ – Hong Kwang-ho


‘Misa’ – Jung Sun-ah

‘Misa’ – Jung Sun-ah



‘Ryuk’ – Kang Hong-seok

‘Ryuk’ – Kang Hong-seok


‘Rem’ – Park Hyena

‘Rem’ – Park Hyena

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