31MARCH2015 [VIDEO] CJESJYJ: Kim Jaejoong’s Interview before parting for a while

입대 전, 멤버들과 팬들에게 보내는 재중이의 영상 인터뷰

A video interview of JAE JOONG sending a message to his fans before leaving for military service

  • Q. Happiest moment in 20s?
    JJ: First when we won the lawsuit against SM. Second, when we release first single album as JYJ. Third, when I got to spent 1 night & 2 days with JYJ members before enlistment when I thought we wouldn’t be able to do it
  • Q. Any words to the two members?
    JJ: Yuchun, Junsu, I will be back. Junsu, we’ll be separated for about 3 years because of the time overlap & we’ve never been apart for that long before but when I get army leave I’ll take the time to go visit you Then we’ll get to see each other;  it’d be fun to watch a soldier go visit another soldier, isn’t it? But that’s what we’ll do. So don’t be so sad.
    Yuchun, so you think this is none of your business but you’ll be here soon after ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ so it wouldn’t feel so remote. It wouldn’t be bad to show others some bravery & spirit as we go. Yesterday, I thought, it wasn’t an easy decision to leave [SM] with the lawsuit. You were always going along with what I think or Junsu thinks during our years as a team, but in the decisive moment to make the ultimate decision, just the fact that you followed solely based on faith in other members.. that’s so hard to do. When you are on the edge of a cliff, you hold on to what’s most precious to you, but if we thought about just ourselves, same for Junsu or me… the fact that we made that decision saying, “we’ll leave with you so that we could stay together. I’ll go with you”…I feel it’s friendship that no one could dare to copy, and I wouldn’t want anyone to do that. because it was reckless, actually. In the end, it turned out & now that I look back on it, it was brave thing to do & we couldn’t have done it if we didn’t love each other. and I’m thankful for all the things that we couldn’t have done if we weren’t together. So when I come back, let’s keep thanking, loving & thinking abt each other as always. It’s a little embarrassing thing to say to another guy, but it’s something we could say because it’s us. I’ll come back safely. You will come visit me too, right? So see you soon. I’ll call you on that payphone. Please pick up that collect call. When you see an unknown number, you pick up. (waving hands)
  • In the message to the fans, JJ once again mentioned that he doesn’t want the fans to write him letters as it might back up the work at the post office which would delay letters from family & friends from getting to his fellow enlistees this also includes internet board messages as well. Bc we might be taking away the window for other soldiers to stay in touch with their friends&family. That’s why JJ has prepared many things for us & he worked hard on it.
  • JJ’s msg to fans:
    1. no letters or messages to JJ while he’s enlisted
    2. reach all the goals you set & grow
    3. see JJ again with a smile 😀
  • JJ: “I would like you to please be our shield forever”
  • JJ wants us to work hard during his leave & be successful in whatever we do! Be lawyers judges doctors producers whatever & protect JYJ

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