[OTHER SNS] 150331 Kim Jaejoong/JYJ’s Bodyguard & John Egg bid Farewell to Kim Jaejoong

Bodyguard Choi Jae Ho Twitter Update:


[TRANS] Last time sending him off… hugs.. I’m glad that he looks bright, saying that he would go and come back safely..

* * *

John Egg Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 재중아~~ 잘다녀와… 우린모두 기달리고 지켜줄께… 사랑한다 소중한 동생 김재중
_  @bornfreeonekiss2
We’ll be waiting for you~ #notgoodbyebutseeyoulater

[TRANS] Jaejoong-ah~~ go and come back well… We all will keep waiting for you… We love you, dear dongsaeng Kim Jaejoong2

ㅜㅜ I’ll be going~

*kissy face*
You’ll do well!!!!!

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