30MARCH2015 [NEWS] Yoochun comments on fellow JYJ member Jaejoong’s military enlistment


Fans are not the only ones feeling saddened by Jaejoong‘s pending military enlistment! Fellow JYJ member Yoochun also expressed his emotions during the press conference for his SBS drama, ‘The Girl Who Can See Smell,’ on March 30.

He said, “Yesterday, Jaejoong and I had a sendoff party.  It was crazy, so he couldn’t give me advice about my appearance in ‘The Girl Who Can See Smell.'”

He then talked about his well wishes for Jaejoong, saying, “Jaejoong is enlisting tomorrow and I wish he would go and come back well while taking care of his body.  The members are busy these days, so I don’t get to see them, but they contact consistently and are doing well.”

That’s always good to hear!  Meanwhile, his drama will start airing on April 1!

Credit:  allkpop

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