JYJ’s XIA Junsu took over SBS PopAsia radio show earlier this Thursday, 19 March 2015 7pm. Co-hosting with Jamaica dela Cruz, Junsu talked about his 3rd new solo album, “Flower” and played his favourite songs from it. Missed the live show? Don’t worry, our writer Lya got it covered.

Junsu greeted fans and spoke in Korean while Jamaica dela Cruz guided and provided SBS PopAsia listeners with the English translation throughout the show. Flower was played followed by Butterfly, a powerful ballad that sounds a little like American hard rock. Butterfly’s sad lyrical content easily touch one’s heart.

The show had a change of paced as Turn It UpMy Night and Uncommitted were played next. He then shared about the next track, F.L.P that sounds a lot like his previous title track Incredible. He mentioned that he has a strong attachment to the liveliest song in his new album because the lyrics tell a story about his relationship with his fans. He then shared a few other favourites including Tarantalegra and Incredible, which he performed at SBS PopAsia Studio in Sydney last year.

The last track Junsu shared was the X Song from his 3rd solo album. Junsu was involved in composing the lyrics and he described it as sexy. The song features rapper Dok2. Before the show ended, he expressed his gratitude towards Australian fans who have showed him an infinite amount of love. He also expressed his wish to catch up again with them soon. 

Also, it is heartwarming to see that even though he enjoys success and recognition at world stage as a solo artist, Junsu did not forget about his root – JYJ. The take over radio show opened and closed with JYJ’s latest release, Back Seat

Tune in to the live charts #HashtagHits at 5pm (AEDT) tomorrow Friday 20 March 2015 and find out how to win a signed album from the heartthrob.

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Credit:  the AU review via @theAUreview

Source:  SBS PopAsia

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