[POLL + TUTORIAL] Vote for XIA Junsu’s “FLOWER” on MBC Show Champion (Episode 136)

1. You can vote THREE times a day with the same ID,
2. Poll closes on Sunday, 8 March 2015 at 23:59 KST,
3. International fans can participate in voting, please see instructions below.

1. Sign up on MBC Plus

Link: member.mbcplus.com/User/Join.htmlj1


2. User Agreement

Please tick ‘동의합니다’ (I Agree) on both sections, and confirm.j2

3. Fill in the required informationj3



4. Confirm the registration completion

When you have successfully signed up, you will see the page below:

J4 confirm


5. Go to the voting page

Link: www.mbcplus.com/program/champion/vote.html
Click on the ‘투표하기’ button to vote for “FLOWER”j5 voting page

You will see the confirmation below when you have voted 3 times in one day:


Let’s vote for Junsu! ^_^

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