06MARCH2015 [VIDEO] #KimJaeJoong on KBS Morning News

[연예 인사이드] 김재중 단독 인터뷰 “입대, 솔직히 슬퍼요”


Jo Dalhwan:  Kim JaeJoong is younger but has such a beautiful heart, just too beautiful … I learned so much from him.

Bae Jong-ok:  You mean Kim Jae Joong?  He is such a fun person.  An actor with very warm heart. I’m so glad I met him.

JaeJoong:  I am one person but there are many other characters inside of me that want to be expressed.

JaeJoong:  I will say bye ( to you my fans ) through my concerts, fan  meetings, and other way before ( I go ) …

Source:  KBS

Translations by:  @crystalmoon64

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