17FEB2015 [NEWS] Epik High’s Tablo to feature in Kim Junsu’s ‘Flower’ album

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JYJ’s  will be returning next month with his brand new third album ‘Flower,’ and it was revealed today that Epik High’s  will be featuring for the former’s title song of the same name.

‘Flower’ was written and composed by Kim Junsu, and Tablo will also participate in the rap portion. Musical actress Jung Sung Ah was also revealed to have participated in the aria of ‘Flower,’ and the song is described to be under the genre of baroque hip-hop.

Tablo personally loves Kim Junsu’s music, and expressed his delight to be working alongside him. Kim Junsu also returned the compliments, by stating that Tablo’s rapping complemented the song really well, and he was a huge fan of Tablo.

Kim Junsu’s ‘Flower’ will be released on March 3rd.

Credit:  KpopFighting

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