While some fans might be receiving actual flowers for Valentine’s and White Day, I think most of us will be pre-ordering this “Flower,” right?

JYJ’s Junsu has shown us eye-catching and colorful transformations with solo albums “Tarantallegra” and “Incredible.” Although we don’t know what type of concept he will come with, we will find out on March 2nd!

For now C-Jes is giving us some hints with these four photo teasers. The one pictured above has him holding his head in dispair as his silver hair cascades towards the direction of the ground. The following images all differ– transparent, almost ghostly sheer cloth is wrapped around his legs, followed by a snap shoot of his chest with a spider prop and lastly his silhouette with a green screen as a background.


The overall jacket concept is said to be made from Junsu’s own ideas. He further said:

“I tried to show the complete opposite of the image I showcased in my first and second solo albums. You can look forward to things I haven’t shown in my albums until now, including the title track. I wanted to approach the public with music that only I can do, different from the music that JYJ can show.”


What may be his last solo album before enlisting in military service, he won’t be leaving without embarking on an Asia tour as his first stop kicks off in Osaka, Japan on March 3-5th, March 7 and 8th at Jamsil Arena in Korea, before continuing in Tokyo, Japan on March 24-26, Fukuoka, Japan on March 31st and April 1 before ending in Nagoya, Japan on April 7 and 8.


SOURCE: JYJ Official, Naver

Credit:  247 Asian Media

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