09FEB2015 [NEWS] Park Yoo Chun wraps up fan meeting in Beijing on a successful note


JYJ’s  held his ‘Loving YU in China’ fan meeting on Feburary 7th in Beijing, where his every move and words all captivated the hearts of his adoring fans.

The fan meeting lasted for two hours, and incorporated an awards ceremony, talk corner, and performances, as Park Yoo Chun had a happy time interacting with his fans in attendance.

Before the fan meeting got started, fans started shouting Park Yoo Chun’s name in unison, before the star appeared and performed ‘Walking With Her in Springtime,’ and got everyone cheering out in delight.

After completing his first performance, Park Yoo Chun greeted everyone in Mandarin first, “Hello everyone, I’m Park Yoo Chun.” He then revealed his recent developments, and revealed that he desired to climb the Great Wall of China, and is also actively discussing about working on Chinese productions recently.

In the ’1st Loving YU awards ceremony’ corner which was suggested by Park Yoo Chun, there were categories like ‘the best 10 illustrations of Park Yoo Chun in comic form,’ ‘loyal fans who have followed Park Yoo Chun for ten years,’ and others.

Fans drew images of Park Yoo Chun from dramas, and talked at length their memories of the star. Thereafter, Park Yoo Chun gave out t-shirts to fans through a ballot, and also used a selfie stick to take photos and created a beautiful memory.

Park Yoo Chun said, “I feel really blessed to have received so much love from fans over here. I hope that everyone will continue to support and love me from this moment on. I will continue to bring even better music and performances. I feel really happy and blissful at this fan meeting, and let’s continue to be together in future.”

The star then performed ‘The Day We Broke Up,’ and Guang Liang’s ‘Fairy Tale,’ before leaving the stage. As the fans screamed ‘Encore,’ Park Yoo Chun returned to the stage, and performed Eason Chan’s ‘Ten Years’ to wrap up proceedings on a successful note.

Meanwhile, Park Yoo Chun will be holding his next fan meeting on Valentine’s Day in Chengdu, China.

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