03JAN2015 [OTHER NEWS] 150130 18 Surprising Actor/Actress Appearances in K-Pop MVs

Although K-pop idols and singers are groomed from training to star in their own music videos, sometimes they prefer to share or give up the spotlight to someone from the world of K-drama. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement: The idols get some much-needed resting time away from the camera, and a young up-and-coming actor or actress gets his or her chance to shine in a high-profile project. Let’s take a look at some surprising instances in which famous actors and actresses have starred in K-pop MVs!

18 Surprising Actor/Actress Appearances in K-Pop MVs

JYJ’s “In Heaven” also asked “What if we could redo the choices we’ve made?” The outcome here ensures a different, although still tragic, ending for Junsu and Song Ji Hyo. Miles away from her spacey, good-natured persona in “Running Man,” we have to say that we’re impressed by Song Ji Hyo’s range.

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Note: Parts unrelated to JYJ & Song Jihyo were omitted.