31JAN2015 [OTHER NEWS] K-Pop Idols: Who Trained the Longest and the Shortest?

With the recent debut of G.Soul who trained for 15 years, the length of K-Pop idols training (which can be particularly long in the K-Pop industry) has become a hot topic. Is it necessary to train for that long? How long exactly should one train for? Idols often discuss how long or how short their training period was, so here is a compilation. The list is divided by trainee period. By the way, these years can vary as there are different opinions on official debuts (those with debatable trainee lengths will be marked with an asterisk*). Do you think trainee length is directly related to talent? Share how long your favorite idol was a trainee for in the comments below! Also see if you can guess who the trainees in the pictures are!

K-Pop Idols: Who Trained the Longest and the Shortest?

~6 years:

JYJ‘s Junsu trained for approximately six years.

~2 years:

Jaejoong trained for 2 years.