23JAN2015 Kim Jae Joong gets besieged by nightmares in ‘SPY’

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The production team for KBS 2TV Friday drama ‘,’ has today released new photos of lead actor  experiencing a nightmare and the aftermath, and left fans feeling pained for him.

Kim Jae Joong takes on the role of an elite intelligence agent named Sun Woo, who is cold and decisive at work, but is gentle and unassuming towards family, and has captivated female viewers with his double charms.

The photos were of a particular scene which will be aired in tonight’s episode (January 23rd, episode 5). Kim Jae Joong is seen scrunching his head, with sweat beads all over his forehead, and left one feeling pained for him. Despite being awaken from his nightmare, Kim Jae Joong still looked rather nervy, as he had his head down, and gave a long sigh. This was the first time that the infallible intelligence agent Sun Woo had shown a vulnerable side to him, and left viewers curious as to what he had dreamed of.

The scene was filmed days earlier, and Kim Jae Joong reportedly showed bundles of energy despite having filmed continuously for hours, and even took to the task of being a mood maker on the set. To correctly portray the conflicted feelings of Sun Woo because of the nightmare, Kim Jae Joong specially engaged in discussions with the director, and finally met the latter’s requirements. The production team also lavished praise on Kim Jae Joong for his hard work and effort put in.

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