22January2015 [TRANS] Yeo Jingu, “Park Yuchun was commited in Haemoo to the point where I could hardly recognize him.” (INTERVIEW)

YC interview

Actor Yeo Jingu mentions Park Yuchun’s debut film ‘Haemoo.’

On this day, when speaking about Park Yuchun who was also nominated for Best Rookie Award in the Daejong Film Awards last year, Yeo Jingu says, “It was great to meet him again after so long. When I first met him, I was too young so I don’t get to see him much but we’ve grown closer after meeting at the awards ceremony.”

Adding, “Yuchunee-hyung does not conceal himself and was the first to approach me. Now that I’m taller than I was compared to during ‘Missing You’, he told me that I’m now the same height as him and he was surprised. Hyung also jokingly said that my face is still like before.”

Yeo Jingu also generously praises, “It’s good to see Yuchunee-hyung winning the Best Rookie Actor award. Even though I’m still young but I met hyung when I was even younger and seeing him making movies and winning awards, I really think that he is works really hard.”

Source: OBS News
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