20JAN2015 [INFO] 150119 Junsu had attended Ladies’ Code’s RiSe’s funeral back in September 2014

[INFO] Junsu paid his respects for Ladies’ Code Kwon Ri-Se at the memorial late at night in spite of his busy schedules.
Even though Junsu didn’t know Ri-Se personally, he came to pay his respects during his Chuseok holiday because she was a big fan of his music. (via @inheaven_wjyj)

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[CEO L]: We were all tired, mind and body, conducting funerals the entire week.

[CEO L]: Even XIA Junsu and Naul stopped by late from the countryside when I asked them. RiSe liked them, so I wanted to show them to her on her way.


Sources: Dispatch via Koreaboo


JYJ3 Notes:
– Back on September 3, 2014, several members of Ladies’ Code & their staff got into a car accident, in which members EunB and RiSe did not survive.
– Ladies’ Code is under the management of Polaris Entertainment.
– Currently there’s a dispute going on between actress Clara & Polaris Entertainment’s CEO; and in the KakaoTalk messages that happened between them, just released by Dispatch;
– One of the screencaps of their KakaoTalk messages mentioned Junsu, going to the funeral whether late Sept. 9, or early Sept. 10–in the wee hours after midnight–, 2014.
[- To get the whole jest of the conversation in that screencap (above), you can click the link to Koreaboo and find the FULL translations by looking for the date ‘September 10th’, or Ctrl+F ‘Junsu’. Admin omitted it because it’s not directly relevant to Junsu, to begin with]

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