12JAN2015 [TRANS] 150112 Who is the most-anticipated Korean male & female actors of 2015 determined by Chinese reporters?

Korean stars were hotly receiving interests from Chinese medias and local fans in 2014. While not only receiving love from Korean dramas and movies but also entertainment programs in China, stars’ entries into China has diversified even more. Hereby they build themselves up gradually to receive attention as a ‘Hallyu star’, and many stars head to China for the title ‘Hallyu star’. Lately there are numerous stars going to China, so who is the most-anticipated star of 2015 determined by Chinese entertainment reporters? Let’s hear the opinions of Chinese entertainment reporters and movie officials.

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Jia Jia(佳佳)/movie official: […] The male actor I’m looking forward to is Park Yoochun. I saw drama ‘Missing You’ and at his cute face, it must not been easy to be active as an actor out of a singer, yet Park Yoochun is really outstanding. I hope he comes out with a new project soon.

Feng Won-jeu/Entertainment-dept reporter: […] I’m also looking forward to Park Yoochun but I was told that he will be going to the army this year. […]

The actors mentioned the most were Lee Jong-suk and Jun Ji-hyun, then Park Yoochun and Kang So-ra are in position next. […]

Although movie officials and entertainment reporters consider the stars’ appeals first as the main factor to expect for; it is reported that the actor and the role are factors that drew interests.

Source: MBN
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