08JAN2015 [NEWS] ‘ Spy ’ Kim Jaejoong Was Embarrassed When Senior Actors Praised His Handsome Look

JYJ’ Kim Jaejoong blushed his face when sunbae actors praised his handsome face.

A press conference for new KBS2 Friday drama was held at Ritz Carlton Hotel in Yeoksam-dong on January 6. Park Hyun-suk PD attended the event along with Bae Jong-ok, Kim Jaejong, Yoo Oh-sung, Jo Dal-hwan, and Ryu Hye-young.

Kim Jaejoong was praised for his polite manners and handsome looks by senior actors. Bae Jong-ok said “Jaejoong does not smile brightly, so sometimes he looks a bit snobby. However, he talks in a funny way and at one point, I felt as if he is a close friend. I misunderstood him because he was shrouded in secrecy by the press. I didn’t have chance to see his true personality.”

Jo Dal-hwan also stated “When I first saw Kim Jaejoong, I was taken aback because he seemed like a prince from a fairy-tale. He has big eyes. I was skeptical whether he would be humane, and colleagues actors all agreed that ‘he is a good man’. In fact, he surprises me everyday.”

Kim Jaejoong said “I feel burdened to hear that I look exaggeratedly handsome. Sunbae actors adore me at the film site. Many people know me as a singer and I guess they think I’m better in person”

He continued “Many fans send me gifts to the film set with a message ‘Please take a good care of Jaejoong’. I guess sunbae actors adore me because of my devoted fans.”

Meanwhile, is a remake of Israelis drama which is a family drama combining spy-thriller genre.

Hye-rim (played by Bae Jong-ok) is a former North Korean agent who lives an ordinary life of a housewife. Her life is on a risk when she undertakes a task to win her son, Sun-woo, over who is North Korea data analyst. The drama premiers on January 9 at 9:30pm.

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