18DEC2014 [OTHER NEWS] 141218 [Fash Pack] A Bit Of Kim Jun Su’s Fashion Sense Is All You Need To Get Started

[by Nawael Khelil / Photos by Kim Gang Yoo] Among all the celebrities who attended the VIP Premiere of ‘Tazza : Hand of God’, one caught our attention with his great fashion sense.

Former idol turned into a Musical actor Kim Jun Su probably is one of the biggest fashion people in Korea’s entertainment industry. He’s got the taste, he’s got the references, he’s got the vision, he’s got the style, and he’s got the boldness. Since he left his group TVXQ in 2010, he started to learn more about the ‘art of wearing’ and built his solid fashion leader image within a few years only.
Kim knows about trends and how to follow them, yet always manages to make them his own, resulting in a kind of hybrid style, which mixes clean cuts, street-wear and luxury clothing. From neon color-block coats to graphic sweatshirts to a great use of prints and colors, his fashion spectrum is as wide as his fandom.
On August 25, the singer attended the VIP premiere of director Kang Hyung Chul’s new movie and, once again, was the coolest kid on the block. The traffic red hair that has become his signature since he started to play Dracula contrasts with his all-black outfit in such a funny way, matching the color of the red carpet underneath his feet – you would call it a brilliant mix’n’match statement – as though the loop had to be looped.
The t-shirt that Kim wears is from a very popular collection. As a tribute to the world’s most fashion-forward cities (Paris, New York, Milan, London and Seoul), street-wear brand NOHANT created a series of t-shirts and tote bags that display these fashionable names, with a little local twist : for each city, they used a Korean character which pronunciation tallies with the word’s phonetic.
He matches this it-piece with slim-fitted cotton pants and a very chic and a manly pair of derbies for the allure. He completes his silhouette with the ultimate final touch, a leather-meets-mesh bomber jacket that adds some big Parisian cool mood to the outfit.
The only thing we would blame him for – and we will – is how great of a fan he is of the ‘I wear my shades indoors’ trend (let’s not call that a trend anymore though). We would understand if he had something to hide, but Kim Jun Su is well known for being one of the rare Korean celebrities who are really comfortable with their face – especially bare -, thus this just looks odd to us.
Kim Jun Su stroke again, hitting an other red carpet with a minimalist yet fabulous look, slaying others, red trigger on the gun. (photo by bntnews DB)
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