12DEC2014 [INFO] A Brief Explanation of the Construction Company Case: What Happened?


The construction companies charged a doubled amount of the actual construction expense

è Constantly obtaining evidence of a usage of poor materials and doubling the actual expense, the hotel prepared to file a law suit

è Knowing that the hotel is preparing to file a law suit, the construction companies started to spread false information via the media to steal a march

è By releasing a malicious and provocative article, the companies intended to damage the reputation and prevent the hotel from taking strong actions due to the fact that the representative is a pop star

  1. A Five Billion Won Fraud Lawsuit


èKim Junsu took out a loan from the bank

è The construction companies took the money from the bank as facilities funds, which was borrowed by Kim Junsu, and repaid the money to Kim Junsu (approximately 5 billion won)

è In this process, the companies requested to “write a promissory note only for financial documentation”

è “Just in case,” as Kim Junsu was getting his money back, he wrote “The promissory note is only for the use of bank or companies’ financial documentation and does not show the actual amount of reimbursement. [T/N: ‘the hotel does not have to actually reimburse the amount’]” at the bottom of the promissory note and also had a seal of the representative of the company.


è The construction companies cut off the bottom of the promissory note which had a phrase proving that the promissory note is a fake one [“this promissory note is only for financial documentation”] and disguised it as a real promissory note as if Kim Junsu ‘actually did borrow money from the companies,’ filing a lawsuit saying that “Kim Junsu did not paid his debts.”

(Which is undeniably a fraud)


It is written at the bottom of the promissory note that “The promissory note is only for the use of bank or companies’ financial documentation and does not show the actual amount of reimbursement.”

As Toscana hotel claims, this proves that the hotel did not actually borrow money from the construction companies in the first place.

Toscana hotel explained that “the construction companies requested for a promissory note ‘only for the use of financial documentation'” and “received a confirmation document under concern that the promissory note could be abused for other purpose.”


è Kim Junsu’s side submitted these evidences to the court and clarified that he would take strong actions.

Toscana hotel said “[The construction companies] intentionally spread false information through the local press and deceived the citizens by a malicious report,” and added “Assuming that [the hotel] would not take actions because the representative is a hallyu star, [the companies are] manipulating the media.”

Jejudominilbo (제주도민일보), the media which is reporting false information about the hotel, is continuously posting a misleading article, causing people to bash Junsu and revising the article stealthily at dawn.

This shows that Jejudominilbo is not a reliable source.

è On the other hand, CBS NoCutNews tried several times to reach the construction company (Cheonji General Construction) on the phone but there was no answer.

*The words written in bold or red are from the original text

*This article is NOT an official announcement of Junsu’s side. It is a brief explanation of the current situation, posted by a fan on a Web site.

*All information included in this explanation is based on the official announcement of Junsu’s side that was released yesterday.

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