09December2014 [TRANS] Park Yuchun at the 4th SACF Beautiful Artists Awards

3“I was lucky that this happened to be my debut movie. After filming a movie, I really feel that I want to do only movies and because of this, many people are having a hard time. I’m sorry and I will work harder in acting. I will work enjoyably”

“For my next project, I want to star in a movie and I am persistent about that so, the staff are having a very hard time.”

Yuchun revealed, “Actually, it feels good when articles of me receiving the award were published and when I was given the prize money.”

“I really thank you for giving me an award like this which allows me to be even more involved in acting,” Yuchun says. “I will share this money with the staff,” he said, resulting in an applause.

Source: Star News via Daum
Translated by:@yochwennie
Shared by:ParkYoochunSGFC

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