29August2014 [TRANS] Excerpt from JYJ at Press Conference for 2014 JYJ Concert in Vietnam ‘RETURN OF THE KING’


Q: What do you feel when you come back to Vietnam?

A: Ho Chi Minh City is the economic center in Vietnam with nice new at night. We are expecting our 1st concert in here. We will try our best to perform well

Q: There are many well-known groups and singers in Kpop. Which is your developing trends?

A: JYJ’s attraction is the spirit of teamwork, each member has their own personality and charisma.

Q: Which market that JYJ want to conquer? Japan? South East Asia? US?

A: The main market of JYJ activities is Asia and we do not target any particular country. Where we have fans, we will come and perform our best

Q: Returning as JYJ after following many solo activities, any difficulty in working in group for preparing JYJ album?

A: It’s such a long time since the day we worked together. Even thou the recording process finished for awhile but we still feel anxious and have not had any difficulty while working together, especially Junsu. He still sings so well.


Q: JYJ has released 3Voices III already, please share some happy memories while making it.

A: In fact, 3Voices III was conducted 2 years ago and to tell the truth, we are so surprised after watching it again. We have changed a lot
We also feel so happy while looking at our pictures taken in US. We believe that our fans also feel happy while watching it

Q: You were in Vietnam as a ambassador for a sporty event. Now you are back as JYJ for your own concert. Any difference? Why did you come to Vietnam to hold a concert?

A: Previously, each member mentioned that we wanted to hold a concert in Vietnam. And we do now. We are so happy

Translations by: @JYJFamilyVN



Q: What is JYJ’s impressions of the Vietnamese audience from the last time you did a performance? What do you expect to happen in your show this time?

A: Since I(Jaejoong) am the only one who had a fanmeeting in Vietnam, I don’t really know fully. That time I did not expect anything and was really surprised to get a special gift from the Vietnamese fans.

Q: Won’t the group let us know about some of your upcoming activities?

A: We just released a new album this time round, so the group will likely be focusing on the tour to the end of the year.

Q: Besides having a lot of experiences in acting, how does Yoochun feel about getting to challenge in the movie industry?

A: For the movie [Sea Fog] this time, we had to film mostly at sea so I wasn’t at home; therefore getting to meet was harder.

Q: Can JYJ please share a little bit about the type of performances that you must the most effort into for this concert?

A: What I think, the main point of this concert is that we have fun sharing our music that night with the audience. Not just the performances separate from the group [T/N: solo performances], but we are hoping to be able to sing together and dance with the audience, is the main point.


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