26AUGUST2014 [TwitterUpdate] from Junsu

@11:18 pm (KST)
무엇보다 극을 보는 내내
정말 춤을 마음껏 출수 있는 뮤지컬을
나도 하고 싶다란 생각이 불쑥불쑥.
미치도록 뮤지컬 무대에서 춤춰보고싶네요.
사실 노래보다 더 자신있는데…흑ㅜ
아무튼 에너지 받게해준 시카고 배우분들

I enjoyed watching musical ‘Chicago’^^
I felt happier as there were so many actors who performed with me in ‘December’, and even Choi Jungwon-nim and Ivy-nim were there!
Songs were so good but I felt more excited because the music was mainly composed of wind instruments, not string instruments.
The mood of Jazz and the dynamics of tempo were also nice~
Above all thing, while I was watching it, I thought I also want to perform the musical which I can dance as much as I like.
I truly hope to dance on the musical stage.
Actually, I’m more confident about the dancing than singing a song… cryㅜ
Anyway, thank you so much to actors of musical ‘Chicago’ who gave me energies.

Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translation by: @theyoungestmin
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