26AUGUST2014 [Kpop news] Interview with Yoochun (JYJ), “Haemoo ( Sea Fog)”

[SSTV l Katie] Debuted as idol group TVXQ ( 동방신기, 東方神起), Yoochun (JYJ) has now made his name an actor through dramas; ‘성균관 스캔들’ ‘옥탑방 왕세자’ ‘쓰리데이즈’. Now he is back with his 1st movie – “해무 (Haemoo, trans. Sea Fog)”.

Based on an successful original play, Director Sim Seong-bo well illustrates aggravating tension among people out in the heavily fogged sea as their plan goes wrong due to tragic accident. Screenplay is by Bong Joon-ho and Sim Seong-bo. Director Bong Joon-ho participated in making of ‘살인의 추억(Memories of Murder)’, ‘괴물(The Host)’, ‘설국열차(Snowpiercer)’ and Director Sim Seong-bo wrote scenario for ‘살인의 추억(Memories of Murder)’. Also, senior actor Kim Youn-seok is starred.

“I get nervous every time I do an art piece. I was even more nervous because people kept reminding me ‘this is the 1st movie’. (grinned). And when making a movie, they take only one to two scenes only in a day. Instead they take one scene in many times in various angles. At first I could get along with the pace. Then later I got used to it, and was able to focus on the character. I usually put character aside easily, but I think 동식(Dong-sik, character name) will last long”.

IMG_6512.JPG The First Reading

Yoochun not only worked with experienced actors as Kim Yoon-seok, Lee Hee-joon, Moon Seong-geun, Kim Sang-ho and Yoo Seung-mok; But also had to show sharp confliction with these actors in the later part of movie.

“Until I met them, I was extremely nervous. At the first reading, I was afraid that they might point out my awkward Yeosu dialect. But as we acted together, such nervousness and pressures greatly lessened. I got many helps from the senior actors. I was able to get closer especially through casual drinking gatherings, where we talked about movie and ordinary things. Secluded film setting also had positive effects. I think that’s why I was able to focus on acting, forgetting about pressures I had at first”.

Yoochun continued by explaining why he took the Dong-sik role, and at the same time thanked senior actors.

“First and the most, I was drawn to the character. I liked his simplicity and how he acted upon his thoughts without delay. Either right or wrong, it felt fresh and envious. And of course, I was expecting on working with many senior actors. I always wanted to work with senior actors. I WANTED to act with total immersion”.

IMG_6513.JPG Love: will I be able to have such love?

Among many reasons why Yoochun chose Dong-sik, a significant reason was because Dong-sik was a character who expressed what he thought and felt. Perhaps, it was an irresistible charm to someone who always had to look out due to heavy attention caused from early and big popularity.

“Yes, it must have influence from my career. But being able to directly pursue when one thinks and feels (instead of backhanding) is what I have always admired. I express it out through acting sometimes, and its like … vicarious satisfaction? (laughed). Yes, it definitely consolidated me this time. Especially the part falling in love with Hong-mae (played by Han Ye-ri). I wonder if I would ever be able to have such love in my life”.

At the end of the interview, Yoochun added “I hope I am invisible in “Haemoo” and “When time passes, I want to hear ‘was Yoochun in that movie?’”.

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