18August2014 [TRANS] J Y J Yuchun Talks About JaeJoong

“While listening to my older brother, I felt like his voice is stacked so many layers”
“We often do this”

We asked Yuchun about Jaejoong. After finishing the recent MBC drama [Triange], Jaejoong was passionate about acting too like Yuchun. In an interview recently on [Oh!MyStar], Jaejoong said “Yuchun watched my drama from episode 1 all the way till finale, real time”, conveying his appreciation. And so we also asked Yuchun about Jaejoong.

“Actually, we don’t talk much about acting. The reason why I watched all Jaejoong brother’s works is because I understand and appreciate the feeling of someone monitoring your work. Of course there was also the reason that I wanted to watch [Triangle] too (laugh). My heart swell when I think about my brother but on the other hand, I was filled with thankfulness. Frankly, I thought he could have immediately gone into other productions after [Dr. Jin], but well, Jaejoong brother is so multi-talented. I do sometimes think about what happens if we delay our album release and he did more acting works.

I had predicted that Jaejoong brother’s solo activities will succeed. This is because while I listen to his songs, I felt that his voice is stacked with many layers. Maybe I should describe his voice as a slowly growing tree ring. If I really need to compare, the impression is similar to senior An Chi Hwan.

After 2004 (the year TVXQ debut), I think we came to do rather well. There is this song titled [30] in our songs, and the lyrics is about our imagination of what our lives will be after 30 years old. The overall meaning is about [not something that we imagine but isn’t it fine just being ourselves?], and this depicts exactly what we feel right now. Whether JYJ changes or stay as it is now, there is meaning in it and we are grateful. We have no greed but just to do well from now. While doing the work we are given honestly!”

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