14August2014 [FAN ACCOUNT] Being in Korea for JYJ: The Return of The King

Concert’s long over and I STILL cannot believe I caught JYJ LIVE in Concert!!! X.X I’m so grateful and thankful to my dear friends for planning & letting me tag along! Made such awesome new friends!

Jaejoong and Junsu and Yoochun sound soooo good live! My dreams came true. TT.TT

On concert day itself, early in the morning my helpful friends went to the stadium super early, and met up with other friends to get us the concert goods. Between the 6 of us we got lightsticks, towel, folders, and the upsized uchiwa fans.

Come evening time, finally time for the concert. The Return of The King! The overwhelming feeling of OMG I’m finally here T.T…. Walking into the stadium with the massive billboards of JYJ on the roads, and then seeing for myself the tons of rice wreaths that fans sent to JYJ from all over the world. The feeling’s amazing.


And finally, the feeling of FINALLY going inside the stadium… and walking to the VIP Standing Section, the closeness to the stage, the would-be arm’s length away from JYJ… Such a wonderful atmosphere!

Before I knew it, the light dims, the music picks up speed, the atmosphere is charged and fired up, the crowd roars as JYJ takes the stage. *Asdfghjkomfg screams!*

I’m so happy they started with ‘Creation’ what a perfect, beautiful, harmonious start. It’s my first time ever hearing them live, and they sound gorgeous… sooo sweet.

And then! When the spotlight kicks in I see that JJ and Junsu are both flashing their bodies, and dear Yoochun looks so cute all covered up! (\\> . <//) So hawttt!

So much to see I can’t concentrate my attention and the next thing I know after the songs whizz by they were singing ‘Baboboy’ and they were right next to us by the VIP Standing Pit and sexily dancing on the stage runway. Words cannot describe being so up close to them… To see their smiles and hear their voices and scream at their dancing.

And then they were greeting and talking to us… of course I couldn’t understand most of it, but still… JYJ was talking to us LIVE!!! They looked so happy, so happy to be singing, dancing and together as JYJ, with the fans too.

And then onto the solo songs… and Yoochun’s sexy soulful and relaxed solo, hair up with eyeliner so gorgeous and cute laughing to himself and shouting at “Junsu!”…. before ending the song… =) made me smile so hard. And then his “I Love You” solo with the sexy dancing girls… TOO HAWT! Haha!

Oh and finally witnessing Junsu’s ‘Tarantallegra’ with all the hot dancers. And an up-close and personal with all of topless Jaejoong’s tattoos…. TT TT fml

Haha I think I was too excited and mesmerized… time seems to just fly by, and I can hardly concentrate when there’s so much to take in…. Some of the songs I particularly liked were, “So So” and “In Heaven”, the boys just sound too good when they harmonize. This is why I love them. And to hear “In Heaven” and their harmony live is really a dream come true, THEY ARE PERFECT. And of course “Back Seat”!

And I remember when back to main stage, their voices… so emotional during ‘Dad, You There’… yet there seemed to be…confetti? flying around them…? But upon closer look! It was insects swarming around them cause it’s Summer! OMG lol. As much as I hoped they won’t be swallowing any, I couldn’t help laughing. : ) and when Jaechun trolled Junsu with cheering “Park Yoochun Fighting! Kim Jaejoong Fighting!” And walked off, leaving Junsu to go “Kim Junsu…?” And this was my favorite part when the crowd replied “FIGHTING!!!” hahaha and after everyone cheered, he said we’re evil! And when Junsu shouted “Penzal Q!” and spot-on everyone replied back “Thank you!”

And then too too soon it was encore time with “Empty” & “Get Out” which I sang along to jumping around the crowd! I couldn’t believe it was going to be over, it was so soon, too fast.

And of course they ended with “Fallen Leaves”. TT.TT They just sound so so great live. They complement one another so perfectly. Sigh…JYJ TT_TT

Overall I’m eternally grateful to have been there at their Return Concert. No regrets, they sound too great to be true, JYJ exceeded ALL my expectations. TT_TT I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Saranghae JYJ. ❤


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