[TRANS] 140813 Interview Excerpt: Yoochun talked about Jaejoong

[TRANS: JJ PART] Excerpt from the Article: Park Yuchun, “Agonized about making love while fellow sailors were dying”


I asked Park Yuchun a question regarding JYJ member Kim Jaejoong. Kim Jaejoong took on his first title role recently in MBC drama Triangle, and he is as passionate about acting as Park Yuchun. In his latest interview with Omystar Kim Jaejoong expressed his appreciation of Park Yuchun saying, “Yuchun watched every single episode of Triangle live.” That’s why decided to ask Park Yuchun a question about Kim Jaejoong as well.

“We don’t really talk about each other’s acting. I watched all of Jaejoong’s projects because I know how important monitoring is. But then again, I wanted to keep watch Triangle (laugh). I feel grateful whenever I think of Jaejoong. Frankly speaking, I thought it would have been great if he did another drama right after Dr. Jin. But Jaejoong has so much talent. I did think that what if he delayed the album and did more acting.

I expected that Jaejoong’s solo actives would be successful. As I was listening to his voice, I felt more and more colors were layered in his voice. Sort of like years of experience melt into his voice? If I dared to compare, it reminded me of the veteran singer An Chihwan’s voice.

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